The first thing you may be asking yourself is what is Beckminavidera? This sounds like such a weird mash of letters (and trust me, it is weird) but who better to be represented by this mash-up than the four kickass authors that are being honored through this readathon. Beckminavidera is a combination of four Young Adult authors (Becky Albertalli, Jasmine Warga, David Arnold and Adam Silvera) who all debuted in 2015 together. As an inseparable group of friends, they created their own sort of ship name known as Beckminavidera.

Since then, they have each risen to a different level of fame but one thing rings true throughout: their friendship and passion for their craft is strong and powerful.

It’s rather difficult to express just how special their words are to us, and so this Readthon is just a small way to say thank you. A small way to show our immense appreciation, for their words, the smiles, the laughs, the hugs.

I hope we can spread the love to more people. It’ll be an honor to see people experiencing the magic of these words for the first time.

So sit down. Join us. And experience the magic

I figured y’all would definitely want to see the first picture of #Beckminavidera together in Nashville in 2014.